Crazy People [The Goon Show]: Series 1, Episode 12


London: N.p. [BBC], 1951

22 mimeographed pp., secured with split pin to top left. Slight edgewear and age-toning, two pencil markings to title page, one ('POW') alluding to the subject matter of the episode (Prisoners of War).

First edition. Original mimeographed script, the twelfth episode from Series One of The Goon Show,transmitted on 16 August 1951 . ALL RECORDINGS FROM THE FIRST SERIES OF THE GOON SHOW HAVE BEEN LOST.
The Goon Show ran for ten series between 1951 and 1960 -- although it wasn't called The Goon Show until Series Two:

'[W]e soon met opposition to this title from the BBC. As spokesman for the others, I found myself once more at odds with the planners, whose suggestion for a title was The Junior Crazy Gang. This implicit comparison with the very popular Palladium Crazy Gang was both unapt and inept. 'Why not The Goon Show?', I demanded. They brushed this aside as being meaningless. The controversy continued, and the first six programmes were booked under the BBC's suggested title.
Finally, however, we compromised with the title, Crazy People. Determined to have our own way, we amplified this within the programme to 'those Crazy People, The Goons', and made reference internally always to The Goon Show. After the first series, the BBC gave in and our title was adopted.' (Jimmy Grafton, The Goon Show Companion).

This script featured the core cast of Milligan, Sellers, Secombe and Bentine -- and The Stargazers, a close-harmony group who must have felt they'd wandered into the wrong studio every week. They were dropped midway through Series Two.
No recordings from Series One of The Goon Show exist. The few scripts from the series which survive are now our only remaining link to the early days of a show which redefined 'funny', and which made Monty Python possible.

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